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Meet Ragan

Hi, I'm Ragan!


Let’s get to know each other! 


I have devoted my entire life to creativity and the study of living a creative life. I grew up in Nashville Tn, Both of my parents were in the music industry, so I was exposed to the arts very young. I started singing and writing songs when I was seven years old- my dad said “Ragan, it’s nice you can sing and all but you have to learn to write your own songs” you know how you talk to a seven year old, and that was that! I grew up in theatre, choir, show choir, I was obsessed with any form of creativity I could get my hands on. When I was 21 I moved to New York City and studied acting at the Maggie Flannigan studio for the summer, also studying dance and Meisner training for singers- all the while bartending and working part time at Madison Square Garden, and even a few Production gigs on Broadway. It was life changing living in the city, literally a playground for creatives. It opened my eyes to so many possibilities I didn’t think were tangible. Every art form in existence is there. Museums all over the city, the ballet, the opera, Broadway, I went to as much as I could afford at the time. 


After devoting years and years to studying the arts I found myself becoming more drawn to wellness, mental health and business. I joined a coaching program called “Mentor Coach'' and knew I had landed on my dream job. I believe everyone has creativity inside of them, no matter how much or how little. I get to help people tap into it and uncover their soul’s most honest work.


I collaborate with creatives of all art forms to achieve the life they want. So what is that? I ask creatives what it is they want and need and they say “I want more money and more time, What I need is more money and more time.” I know this feeling all too well, it was ingrained in me for years. There has been a stigma around artists for centuries ``the starving artist” right? You can’t be a creative and have abundance- it’s one or the other. I know this is false because I’ve seen so many artists firsthand living their best creative lives and achieving what abundance is to them.


But how?  It’s all in our mindset, it’s what we are putting out into the world.  Our limiting beliefs are the only thing that keeps us from having an abundant life. I get you and i’ve been there, but TRUST ME it is and I will show you how!


As a coach I am completely understanding, (I'm an empath and a cancer).But I also was raised on a farm and lived in Queens so I’m going to give you tough love and a good kick in the ass when you need it! I want what’s best for you and I will make sure you don’t stand in your own way. If you’re familiar with the world of self help, and you know the spiritual guru Grabreille Bernstien, or the badass queen Jen Sincero, I feel like if they had a baby- that’s me as a coach. I resonate with Jen because she’s a New Yorker and she’s so real, and Gabby because she is so connected with the divine and trusting of her spirituality. I try to live my life that way, constantly connecting to my spirituality for guidance while being firmly grounded to the earth and being hella real. I will not sugarcoat anything for you, while also holding a safe space for you to explore and to feel. 


This is your life - it’s never too late and never too early to take control and go get what it is that you want. The life you want is waiting for you.


- Rae 

Curiosity is the thread that unravels everything 

Ragan Hoffman

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